How Quickly We Forget

I live in Massachusetts. This is where the Revolution started. No, not the one that Fox News, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or that big fat gas-bag Rush Limberger (cause everything that comes out of his mouth is pure shit) would have you believe. I mean The Revolutionary War, which ended with this great country being free from the English Crown. And, When it comes to throwin’ a Tea Party, well, let’s just say been there, done that. Those folks out there who started the Tea Party Organization have absolutley nothing in common with what the folks in 1774 did to protest what they felt was unjust Taxation. You can call your organization anything you like, but it don’t make it so. That being said, why is there suddenly so much national attention from these groups of people? The reason is that there is a special Election taking place here today, to reassign the seat held since 1972 by Democrat Ted Kennedy, who passed away last August. Martha Coakley, who is the Democratic State Attorney General, is going up against Republican State Senator Scott Brown. If elected to office, Mr. Brown would then become the 41st Republican Senator, taking away the 60 Vote majority now held by Democrats. The conservative Republicans smell blood, and have poured a lot of money into Mr. Browns campaign.  Mr. Brown has been passing himself off as just another aw-shucks regular guy, driving around in his pickup truck. He never mentions or uses the word Republican in his television or print Ads. He is fond, however of repeatedly using the word Independent to describe his way of thinking and doing. Well, smack my ass and call me Shirley, but any Politician who votes over 96% of the time along party lines is exactly that. In this case, Mr. Brown is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, period. He has all the usual Republican talking points about lowering taxes and keeping the government out of your life. Except, of course when it comes to whats between your legs, as in a woman’s right to choose. Then he’s only too happy to get the government involved there. Oh, and lest we forget Wall Street. Oh, those poor bastards. We had to bail their ultra-rich asses out in order to keep our own financial boat from becoming another Titanic. This came after they manipulated, lobbied, and payed off congress for years to keep out any regulations that might have kept them in check. The Republican Congress. Remember AIG?It should have been called what it really was, P-I-G. There’s another 180 Billion Dollars, Gone, just like that. I’m not even going to mention Iraq. Now I can understand why Mr. Brown has worked so hard to distance himself from his own party’s affiliation, considering the trouncing they took during the National elections held last November that resulted in us electing the nation’s first black president. Considering the alternative, I have to admit that we finally got one right this time. Barak Obama is intelligent and articulate. Yes, he can actually put more than 2 sentences together without needing a dictionary. He doesn’t talk down to people. He actually prefers to have discussions and think things through before acting on them whenever possible.

So, why has Republican Scott Brown become so popular here so quickly in a state known for it’s love of Democrats? He was originally written off by almost everyone here when he became the Republican challenger to Democrat Martha Coakley, who by all accounts is a popular, successful Attorney General. The simple fact is, people here have forgotten who was accountable for a lot of the troubles with our Economy and our Country, namely the Republicans, who for 8 years continually ran roughshod over our liberties, our finances and our lives. The people of Massachusetts have allowed themselves, once again, to be fooled into thinking that the same people who got us into this horrible mess will be our savior and make everything right. Can you possibly be this stupid? Really? The first 10 years of this new millenium have been, in most peoples eyes, the worst decade of all time, except, perhaps for the Great Depression, which began when there was another Republican in office, Hebert Hoover.  It took another Democrat and a World War to dig us out of that one. Today, we have become a nation of impatient, spoiled brats. I want it NOW! Fix it NOW! How can people here in Massachusetts be so easily swayed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Because they simply have lost their patients. The economy hasn’t been fixed yet, the job situation is still a mess. There’s no realization that this is a huge problem, and that we need to be in this for the long haul. They’re angry that they haven’t seen a noticeable improvement in their situations, so they start listening again to Republicans, who work off of fear and ignorance.  When are people going to wake up and realize how much trouble they’re in? George Bush and Dick Cheney almost destroyed this country. I could go on and on about those two, whom I believe to be war criminals and should be put in jail.  It’s a shame that people forget who got us into this mess. Scott Brown, if elected, will take us all backwards, and it won’t just affect those of us here in Massachusetts. He will vote against universal health care. He will vote against any oversight of Wall Street. He will vote for any amendment that will harass women over their right to choose to have an abortion or not. He is endorsed by the same organizations that support Sarah Palin. Look, I’m not saying the Democrats are anything great, either. I’ve been a registered Independent my whole life, and have voted for what I felt was the best solution, irregardless of party affiliation. But you have to put the blame squarely at the feet of the ones most responsible for all this trouble, Mr. Bush and his party. I said in 2000 when George Bush ran for office that if people were stupid enough to elect a buffoon for their President, that they deserved every bit of trouble that followed, and boy was I right. Not once but twice. As George Harrison sang in his last album “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” So I say again, this time to the people of Massachusetts, do you know where you’re going? Tune in to find out.  ‘Nuff Said.


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