There’s A New Sheriff In Town, And His Name Is….

Scott Brown. Republican. How Ironic that a Republican was elected in the Blue State of Massachusetts, which has been one the most Liberal Democratic States in the entire country, to replace Ted Kennedy, who championed health care legislation, and he will become the 41st Republican “No” vote against that very bill. I’m not going to go on and on about the high strangeness of the whole thing. There were many factors at work. However, several things will begin to unfold after this election. My guess is the Senate in Washington will try to scramble and get the Health Care bill passed before Mr. Brown is sworn in. Of course, the Republicans will cry foul, and the Dem’s will simply say that until Mr. Brown is officially sworn in (providing there is no debacle like we saw in Minnesota with Coleman/Frankin) that Mr. Kirk is legally bound to vote.

Frankly, I don’t see there being a whole lot to object to on the Dem’s side. They lost the election fair and square. Although I do think the people of Massachusetts have mis-directed their anger and sent the wrong message to Washington. The Republicans will be having a field day on this whole affair, of course, pronouncing the Health Care Bill D.O.A.

The Democrats will have to try and ram this thing through, or they’ll have to go back to the Bi-Partisan Drawing Board. I do believe, however, that at some point this election will come back to them and bite them right in their proverbial asses.

My congratulations to Mr. Brown. On the other hand, Martha Coakley ran a weak, ineffective campaign. In my opinion she lacked the fire and determination necessary to win. She was so over-confidant that she took an entire week off to go on Vacation right after Chrstmas. No T.V. spots, campaigns, meetings, nothing. Mr. Brown took that opportunity, ran full speed ahead and never looked back.

By the time Mrs. Coakley got her act together, it was simply too late. The election was hers to lose, and did exactly just that. So, this sure mixes things up in Politics and will keep things from becoming too boring.

Stay tuned to whatever is yet to come.  ‘Nuff Said.


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