Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

First of all, a tip of the hat to AC/DC for the title.

Once again, the ultra-conservative braintrusts are at it full-tilt. Seems they’ve been busy little cockroaches, working hard to derail anything that isn’t part of their agenda. I say cockroaches, because when the light got shone on one of their little minions this week trying to disrupt the phones at Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans offices for yet another expose, they scattered and ran away from this as fast as their hairly little legs could run. Right-wing activist and Model-Citizen James O’Keefe and his 3 Co-horts, Joseph Basel, Stan Dai, and Robert Flanagan have shone the spotlight on yet-another classless act, and the 10 years they face in prison is well deserved. This is the same James O’Keefe that dressed-up as a pimp with Hannah Giles as the prostitute and got some members of ACORN to divulge information on how to avoid taxes and set up a brothel. Now, keep in mind, that this darling of the conservative right was held in such high regard, that Rep. Pete Olson- REPUBLICAN from Texas hailed him in a House Resolution dated Oct. 7, 2009. In it, both O’Keefe and his pretend Hooker/Girlfriend Hannah Giles are commended for their “exemplary actions as government watchdogs” and were “owed a debt of gratitude by the people of The United States.” Incredibly, 31 REPUBLICANS from 12 states also felt so highly of Mr. O’Keefe and Miss Giles, they readily affixed their signatures to it. Mr O’Keefe was also a paid contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s web-site, biggovernment.com, as well as a frequent guest on Fox News, and hailed as a hero by Glenn Beck, who has completely gone off the deep end and sold himself out, sowing lies, decit, and dis-content like some modern-day right wing Johnny Appleseed. Of course, had Mr. O’Keefe not been caught and arrested by the FBI, his felony-laden stunt would have once again been hailed by all things Conservative as sheer genius. Folks, this all goes to the core of who and what these folks are all about. The United States is truly the greatest country on the Earth, mainly because of the unending generosity and goodwill of it’s people. In a nut-shell, we help everyone who needs it. The Founding Fathers of this nation truly had the best interests of it’s people at heart, and the documents and standards they set forth are among the the greatest achievements of mankind. If our fore-fathers were even 1/10th as mean-spirited, narcissistic and clueless as these conservatives, then the United States would have never even happened. The fact is, folks, that these town-hall screaming, fear-mongering, holier-than-thou wack-jobs have systematically stolen the Republican Party, and robbed it of any sense of decency. They continually stall, split apart and run roughshod over any other opposing viewpoints, as evidenced by the Republican Party in Washington. Divisive and steel-trap-minded, the Party of Ronald Reagan has re-adopted his wife Nancy’s slogan of “Just say NO !”. Because of their stubborn as a mule like contentiousness, they are so blinded by rage, they can’t see the forest for the trees. On the other hand, the Democrats need to get their act together and start using the majority of votes the people of this country gave them, and get the people’s business accomplished. This means, among other things, passing meaningful Health Care, Going after the big banks and recouping some of the billions we gave them, eliminating  George Bush’s Tax cuts for people who make over a quarter of a million dollars a year, and continuing the stimulus programs until our economy improves. If they don’t, the public’s anger and outrage will “focus like a laser-beam” (thanks, GHWB) on them and  they’ll be out of power again.

Never in my life have I witnessed such a mob-scene mentality that these folks have. Look, I’m all for having vigorus discussion and debate. But let’s look at some of the facts, which some of you people out there seem to have become completely oblivious of. We had a $200 Billion-Dollar surplus when we entered the first year of this millenium. Right, I said $200 Billion SURPLUS. Then you elected George Bush. I say you, because I can say proudly, that I have never, ever, in my entire life as a registered Independent, voted for any Bush. This imbecilic, moron and war criminal, along with his evil-twin, shoot-em up Cheney, nearly destroyed this country. Apparently you really liked what you saw, because you came back for seconds. I lovingly allude to this second term much like a battered spouse who keeps taking their abusive partner back, knowing the damage and abuse will continue, but they somehow believe the pack of lies their abuser keeps telling them, that things will be good. Drunk with power, the Republicans went on a spending spree that would make Bernie Madoff look like a pauper. For eight years they held the keys to the kingdom. Look where we are today folks. It is a direct result of everything Bush and his party did. Because you elected him, you are also responsible for a lot of the misery that we as a nation face today. When “W” was finally set-free, we were left with a mess that has been unparallelled in history. I won’t list everything, because it would take too damn long. Let’s just say the Republicans went on an 8-year bender, and this was the result.

So, to all you Republican Neo-cons, Tea-Baggers and holier than thou right wing lifers, don’t try to convince me that you have a shred of decency.  This latest attempt involving Mr. O’Keefe is nothing new.Your dirty tricks and deceitful ways have been going on for decades. Your blinded alleigances and refusal to act with any spirit of fair-play or bi-partisanship only continues to hurt this country, and suggests a level of immaturity that is unmatched.  Well, You’ve had your shot at it. We’re trillions in the hole. Most of it from Bush’s drunken orgy, and we now have to spend another trillion or so to try and stop the massive bleeding. You act as if nothing bad ever happened before Jan 20, 2009, and that all was right with the world. Maybe in your bizarro-world , but not mine. It’s laughable that you blame the current President and the Democrats for what you’ve done. Your utter lack of respect for our President, or anyone who disagrees with your slanted view of things simply proves me correct. Raging defecits, out of control spending and an economy in the toilet were your gifts to America. We are now in a very dire predicament, and it will require a lot of smart, passionate people, lots of hard work, time, and lots of money to dig us out of the hole we are now in. If your still reading this, then I challenge you to prove me wrong. I pray that the majority of the American people haven’t become as lazy and forgetful about the right’s ineffective, lying ways, and will rise above all the fear and ignorance, to once again recapture the true American spirit of fair-play, compassion, and good will.  ‘Nuff said.


One thought on “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  1. I rather chuckled when in the State of the Union Speak the Pres. said (in my words regaarding health care) it is hard to get your message out to the people when several different groups are constantly putting out ads that do not tell the truth. Or something along those lines. I am only hoping that the ‘back room’ deal that are being tossed around are greatly exaggerated also.

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