Neanderthals Apparently Not Extinct

Some 25,000 or so years ago, the last Neanderthal died, marking the end of their race. Or, at least that’s what we’ve been taught. Well, someone screwed up somewhere, because they have shown up again. Given all that’s been happening, at this point that is the only excuse I can come up with to explain the Republicans. It has become very apparent to me,  that they have somehow evolved backwards into a Neanderthal sub-species of human. Like Neanderthals, their deficiency of intelligence and a tendency toward violent, brute force leads me to this sad conclusion. At least this would help to explain things, and maybe give us some insight on how to best handle them. Their base, at it’s core, has been continually evolving down to the lowest common denominator. It’s no wonder then, that they hold lying white trash like Sarah Palin in such high honor. People were stupid enough (Re: deficiency in intelligence) to shell out $549. each for the supposed pleasure of hearing Mrs. Palin present her key-note address at this weeks Tea-Party gathering in Nashville, Tenn. I’ll present my case about the lying Mrs. Palin later in this blog. Republican moderates have literally been driven into hiding, afraid of being attacked from within their own party.  When you add it all up,  brute force, fear, and a stubborn refusal toward even the most basic ideas of civility and bi-partisanship unfortunatley proves their lack of intelligence or even basic goodwill. These crass people have now in-bred into their party like DNA. In the old days people who exhibited this type of behavior would be branded as common thugs.

Below, I will present evidence of the Republicans extreme viewpoints and the lying Sarah Palin, all pointing to a  complete lack of intelligence. This is exactly why nothing can be accomplished in Washington. Squawking, biggoted mouth-pieces like Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and that big fat gas-bag Rush Limbaugh only exacerbate the problem.

The Daily KOS, in an effort to try to either prove or dis-prove certain claims about Republicans, hired the non-partisan pollsters Research 2000. They polled approx 2000 people who were self-described Republicans over a period of 11 days. The results speak for themselves. I’m not going to replicate the entire poll here. If you want to check it out, go to


Q: Should Barak Obama be impeached?   Yes- 39%   No- 32%   Not Sure- 29%      I’d love to see the reasoning on this, given we had 2 war-criminals in office for 8 years.

Q: Do you think Barak Obama is a socialist?   Yes-63%   No- 21%   Not Sure- 16%   I’d be willing to bet that 99.9 percent of them have absolutely no idea what a socialist even is.

Q: Do you believe Barak Obama was born in the United States, or not?   Yes- 42%   No-36%   Not sure- 22%   When you add up the No & Not Sure crowd, you come up with 56%

Q: Do you believe Barak Obama wants the terrorists to win?   Yes-24%   No-43%   Not Sure- 33%   I gotta tell ya, i’m speechless over this ludicrous belief.

Q: Do you believe Barak Obama is a racist who hates White people?   Yes- 31%   No-36%   Not Sure- 33%  I believe the number of  people who believe President Obama is racist to be higher, but they are cowards to admit it.


Q: Should Congress make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions?   Yes- 7%   No-68%  Not Sure- 25%  Of course, the majority of labor unions support Democrats

Q: Would you favor or oppose giving illegal immigrants now living in the United States the right to live here legally if they pay a fine & learn English?   Favor-26%   Oppose- 59%   Not Sure- 15%   Even with paying a fine, learning English, and become legal tax-payers, their racist attitudes show.


Q: Should openly gay men & women be allowed to serve in the military?   Yes- 26%   No-55%   Not Sure- 19% 

Q: Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?   Yes-11%   No- 77%   Not Sure- 16%   Again, as long as it’s their viewpoint, then it’s all-righteous with them.

…..And finally,

Q: Do you believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barak Obama?   Yes-53%   No-43%   Not Sure-33%  Again, it’s my belief that these folks are just plain stupid. As for my earlier assertions as to the proven facts that Sarah Palin is a pathalogical liar, I present the following information taken from The Atlantic Wire’s Andrew Sullivan. His article from 15 Nov 2009 in The Daily Dish pretty much sums it up. As I have written before, it is my opinion that Sarah Palin is a narcissistic, pathalogical liar. Most recently, she was quoted by Levi Johnston, her unwed teenage daughter Bristol’s baby’s daddy as calling her Down’s Syndrome Child ” her retarded baby”. WTF?  Talk about sheer hipocrisy. This woman would look you square in the eye, tell you that shit was really orange-colored and the sun rose everyday at midnight.

And now, as promised, a partial listing of lies, perpetuated as truth by Sarah Palin. Some you may have already heard, others were news to me.  Thanks, Andrew.

  • Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed to have said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere, in fact, she openly campaigned for the Fedral project when running for Governor.
  • Palin lied when she denied that Wasilla, Alaska’s police cheif & librarian had both been fired. In fact, both were given letters of termination the previous day.
  • Palin lied when she said the dismissal of her public safety commisioner, Walt Monegan, had nothing to do with his refusal to fire state trooper Mike Wooten; In fact, the Branchflower Report concluded that she repeatedly abused her power when dealing with both men.
  • Palin lied when she insisted Mike Wooten’s divorce proceedings had caused his confidential records to become public; in fact, court officials confirmed they released no such records. Who did then?
  • Palin lied when she told Charlie Gibson that she does not pass judgement on gay people; in fact, she opposes all rights between gay spouses and belongs to a church that promotes conversion therapy
  • Palin lied in her convention speech that an oil gas pipeline began under her guidance; in fact, the pipeline is years away from even breaking ground, if it happens at all.
  • Palin lied when she suggested to Katie Couric (“the perky one”) that she was involved in trade missions with Russia; in fact, she has never even met with Russian officials
  • Palin lied when she told Shimon Perez that the only flag in her office was the Iraeli flag; in fact, she had several flags.
  • Palin lied when she insisted that the Branchflower Report “showed there was no unlawful or unethical activity on my part” in fact, that report prominently stated “Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39-52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.”
  • Palin lied when she claimed to have voiced concerns over ex- brother-in-law Mike Wooten, that he would harm her family; in fact, she actually decreased her security detail during that period.
  • Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed that troop levels in Iraq were back to pre-surge levels; in fact, even she acknowledged her “misstatements”, though she refused to retract any of them, or apologize.
  • Palin lied when she claimed to be unaware of a turkey being slaughtered behind her during a filmed interview; in fact, the camerman said she had actually picked the spot herself, while the slaughter was underway.
  • Palin lied when she denied that the Alaska Independence Party supports secession from the U.S., and denied that her husband Todd, had been a member; In fact, even the McCain campaign noted that the party’s very existence is based on secession and that Todd was in fact a member for seven years.

Folks, this list goes on and on. Again, this gets to the very heart of what Sarah Palin is all about. She seemingly lies about nearly everything that comes out of her mouth. Big lies, small lies. If I were a psychologist, I could probably write an entire book on the bizarro world that is Sarah Palin. Unfortunately for the Republicans, she is like a sickness that has infected all of them. The only known cure is to innoculate yourself with the truth. I think that we, as a nation, need to continue to shine the light on the extremists, Tea-Party kooks and their demented idealogues.

Please support our President and his policies, he is going to need all the help he can get.  Look at Bush & his gift to the American people: We went from a $200 Billion-Dollar surplus, thru 9/11, he then started 2 wars, costing us trillions in dollars and thousands of lives lost or damaged forever, and finished off  with a 1.3 trillion dollar defecit,  our once-robust economy on the verge of collapse. That is his legacy, you can’t change the past. There’s been talk about perhaps we need to form a new political party, that the system is broken. I agree that it is, but I don’t see any new party emerging anytime soon, so we’ll need to work with what we’ve got.  How can people expect different results when they want to keep doing the same thing? That’s the Republicans take on issues, go back to what they were doing when “W” was in office. Sheer suicide. It’s going to take a gargantuan effort to fix it, and if we have to steam roll over every blinded, ignorant Republican to do so, I say, in the words of Todd Beamer from flight 93, “Let’s Roll.”    ‘Nuff said.



Republicans Take Hipocritical Oath

“I’ve had enough of hearing things, from uptight, short-sighted, pig-headed politicians. All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth.”-John Lennon, 1971.

As much as things change, it would seem as though some other things are destined to remain the same. The Republican Machine’s hipocrasy and obstruction to solving problems continues. With every chance they can, they obfuscate and stall and lie. I was reminded the other night of Nathan Thurm, the nervous, slick-haired, chain-smoking character Martin Short gave us on SNL. “Is it you or is it me? It’s you, right? It is. It’s not me.” He could literally be another John Boehner or Eric Cantor or Mitch McConnell. They dwell in their own little Bizzarro- backwards universe, where they can go back in time and re-write history. It’s the same thing Sarah Palin did with her book. When “W” was in office, and they were in power, where were all the great Republican ideas for eliminating waste and fraud in MediCare? Where were all the great ideas about improving Health care? They didn’t do a damn thing when they were in the majority, and now that they’re not, they suddenly have all these great ideas, that, if only the Democrats would listen, would magically solve these issues. But the truth is they don’t actually have anything to present to the American people. So they stall, lie, and fill people with fear. The Republicans have been doing this for as long as I can remember. “W” did it when he ran for re-election in 2004.  Don’t elect a Democrat, he’ll get us all killed. They’re soft on national defense. Even though the guy running, John Kerry, was a decorated hero and fought in Vietnam. They swift-boated his ass right off the election. What did Bush & Cheney do during Vietnam? Bush was in the Guard here in the states, was given poor performance grades, and was still a party animal. Cheney got deferrment after deferrment, because, in his words he “had other priorities.” Karl Rove had them link Saddam to 9/11, another load of pure fear-based fiction. Yet people actually believed that crap. They continue this strategy today, going after peoples fear’s on the economy, racism, and defense. They are becoming what I consider to be the worst of the worst, the bottom feeders.

John McCain said in Oct. 2006, that we should be listening to the top Military leaders on policies affecting the military, because they know what’s best. This was in response to the “Don’t ask-Don’ tell” policy. Yesterday, the first hearing in 17 years about repealing the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law concerning gays in the military was held. There was Mr. McCain, front and center, being told by the Military brass that the law should be repealed. Did he take their advice? Of course not. What a hipocrite. Today, Colin Powell also came out in favor of removing this out-dated policy. Perhaps Mr. McCain will reconsider. You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight. I, for one am so sick of this refusal by anyone in the Republican Party to go to work to solve the myriad of serious problems we’re facing.

The President is right to continue to try and work with them. His historic visit to their retreat last Friday was nothing short of brilliant. Today he visited the Democrats and reminded them of who they are, and why so many of them came to serve in Congress. The Dems share the blame as well. For a Party that has so much going for it, I find it incredible they can’t get their act together. There’s no cohesion. Everyone has their own little self-interests first, so nothing gets done. If they don’t change this soon, they’ll be in the same boat as the Republican’s were last year. People want things fixed, like the economy and healthcare. We’re tired of the gridlock, and the party of No. We’re fast approaching the boiling point.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. I’ll continue to write about this, and point out things as I see them. I’m a registered Independent voter whose voted both sides of the aisle. I want what’s best for my country and her people. We are the greatest nation on Earth. I’ll continue to go after the liars and obstructionists and the hipocrits, whoever they are. 

Did you hear about the latest poll taken of just over 2000 self-identified Republicans, sponsored by the Daily KOS? As Sam Stein wrote: This poll indicates the incredible paranoia enveloping the Republican Party, and the intense pressure drawing lawmakers further and further away from political moderation.

Wait until you read this one. All I can say is hold on to your hats, folks. Stay-tuned till next time.  ‘Nuff said.