President Obama and his Incredible Shrinking Balls

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and for those of you who have been following me, my apologies. Family, work and life have taken their toll on my time, and occasionally, my sanity. But I am always connected to the news and politics irregardless of whether or not I blog.  Having said that, I’d like to write about a recurring theme concerning our President. As someone who followed his campaign, paid close attention to his many speeches, and voted for him, I must admit at this point i’m not particularly pleased with what he has been doing lately. I don’t consider myself to be far-left, maybe more slightly left of center, and as a registered Independent Voter my whole life, have no party affiliations, and have voted on both sides of the political isle. But I feel that those of us who had hoped that we finally found a Democrat with some “chutzpah”, I am slowly losing faith that Mr. Obama is just too damn easy on giving in to the Republicans demands. I get the feeling he is becoming more about group hugs and singing Cumbaya around the campfire, than he is about drawing a line in the sand, and using his considerable  intellectual prowess to beat the Republicans at their own game. Frankly, i’m tired of hearing the Republicans and their cry-baby leader Boehner whining about the fiscal sky falling on our heads. It’s hilarious to watch these bufoons goose-stepping up to the microphones and spew all this doomsday nonsense about the budget. Do we need to get our fiscal house in order? Hell yeah we do. But it’s all in the details that’s got me aggravated. The Republican Party can barely spell fiscal conservative, let alone actually think they even have the slightest idea as to what one is. It never ceases to amaze me that they, along with their former fearless leader, George W. Bush, were  almost solely responsible for the deficit we are now faced with.  I had previously blogged about this here in an article called “Republicans Running on Fiscal Responsibility?” These guys are a joke. Hipocrites, Liars, Masters of Spin to anyone gullible and uninformed. Usually these folks can be found watching Fox News.

But my problem lately is that President Obama seems to have lost his conviction. He is fast becoming a middle-of-the-road Democrat, and if he doesn’t do something about it soon, may veer completely off the road and head straight for the ditch. What the hell happened to his balls? What, too many cold showers? For Christ’s Sake (and ours) would you please stop kissing the Republican’s asses and grow a pair? How stupid of you to make Budget cuts targeting reductions in heating assistance for low and fixed income households. And Pell Grants for college Students. Really? You honestly think it’s a good idea to cut those programs? The Republicans also want to eliminate money that’s used to secure loose Nuke materials in other countries, dismantle or at least hog-tie the EPA, eliminate National Public Radio, and eliminate the Dept. of Education. This is how we reduce our deficits, on the backs of these folks? Instead of cutting the over-bloated Defense Budget, you gave them an additional 22 Billion Dollars. Do we really still need all those troops and military bases all over the world? Germany and Japan come to mind. World War 2 ended in 1945, 66 years ago. Why are we still there? Why do we continue to give billions in tax breaks for Big Oil  and Agricultural Conglomerates like Archer-Daniels-Midland? Why do these companies need any assistance at all? This is madness. No wonder we’re broke. Yes, by all means, let’s continue down this path, better known as the  Republican Doctrine. And while you’re at it,  Mr. President, just continue to stay silent on what’s been happening up in Winsconsin. Go ahead and ignore the fact that the Republican Governor is trying to dismantle the unions and their collective-barganing rights. The right to bargain in good faith. Remember the Unions, they tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what helped to propel you into the very office you now hold. Well, if the Republican Govenor up there can start weakening them, this will help the Republican Party to gain even more power. You gave in on the damn Bush Tax Cuts, too, instead of making them out to be the party of the rich and connected, which they are. You never fought for the public option with your Healthcare bill, either. Now you’re letting them steal the show with regards to all the lies about how bad Social Security is, even though it’s completely sound thru the year 2037, and has it’s own tax base we all pay into every week. Again, let’s go after the folks who need that program to survive, namely older Americans and the diabled. Right-wing nutjobs like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman are attacking your wife over breast-milk pump tax credits. How incredibly stupid is that? And what’s with all the Republicans talking up Ronald Reagan lately? Before you know it, they’ll be bringing up legislation to nominate him for Sainthood. I remember Reagan, and other than putting the Russians in their place, he was an asshole. Ran up our deficit 189%, started all that trickle-down economic bullshit, and totally screwed middle-class Americans. But go ahead, sit there like a dumb-ass and play footsie with the Republicans. Not only will they continue to stick it to you every chance they get, but the rest of us won’t forget it either, and we’ll all remember when we show up, or don’t, at the Voting Booth. With all respect, Mr. President, you really need to stop being seen as so weak. Stand up for something, hammer the damn Republicans, and show how their bad politics have screwed the average American for years, leading up to where we are today. If you don’t, we’ll look for leadership elsewhere. The clock is ticking.    ‘Nuff said.